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Rare white squirrel just moved in!

Today whilst looking out of our kitchen window I saw the large fluffy white tail of a squirrel. It seemed a bit odd as we have two resident grey squirrels nesting in our garden, but neither has a tail that colour. The squirrel moved and I could then see our new visitor who is totally white and absolutely gorgeous. It happily played for a bit climbing the trees in our garden, and then seemed to see one of our grey resident squirrels who was happily sitting on a wall near to the window. He/she went up to the grey squirrel which seemed a friendly move, however the grey squirrel didn't seem too impressed and chased our new visitor up, down and round and round the trees. This picture is of the white squirrel on his way to introduce himself! Anyway I hope our beautiful new arrival stays and they all become friends.

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